iResidenz Appoints John Choo as Chief Technology Officer

Kuala Lumpur, 7 September 2017 – The Residenz Solution Sdn. Bhd. “iResidenz” today announced that it has named John Choo as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). John’s prime focus will be on strategic planning, product development, and, on spearheading innovation of iResidenz’s technology platform while focusing on adding value to customers and ensuring iResidenz stays competitive. He will report directly to Ramesh Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder.

John brings to iResidenz 15 years of vast professional experience spanning across fields related to real-time distributed apps, high-volume transactional systems, marketing technology, digital engagement strategies, and product management, vision and roadmap.

Ramesh Balakrishnan, CEO and Founder of iResidenz said, “We are delighted to have John to join our growing team. Now is a crucial time as we want to expand our market footprints to include more areas outside of Klang Valley.  At the same time we also want to continuously enhance our cloud-based iResidenz portal to meet customer needs. We look forward to benefiting from John’s expertise in both technical and management roles to grow iResidenz together.”

John who was introduced to Ramesh by a mutual contact said, “IResidenz has a great potential to scale. I believe that proptech has much more to offer, especially in this region. With a large percentage of people residing in high-rise and gated or guarded communities, iResidenz is right on the proptech path where the status quo is challenged with introduction of technology creating better consumer experience and productivity. I am excited to be part of iResidenz’s journey.”

Earlier this year iResidenz successfully secured a seven-figure funding round from Interbase Resources Sdn. Bhd. that runs popular marketplace of in Malaysia. The strong financial backup has helped iResidenz to focus on, not just expanding its team but to also strengthen its sales force.

iResidenz has already customers in Klang Valley, Johor and Sabah, and, it is looking to expand into cities including Penang in the near future.

About iResidenz:

iResidenz is an emerging online resident portal which is ideal for condominiums and gated communities to make property management and communications easier for owners, tenants, and property management offices. It connects homeowners and tenants to the management office for payments, bookings of facilities, complaints, notices and more. The workload of the management office is also reduced through automation of administrative tasks. Furthermore, it serves as a valuable platform for property management companies and property developers where they get an access to real-time reports of multiple properties and other features.

iResidenz is owned by The Residenz Solution Sdn. Bhd. and it is based in Kuala Lumpur. Visit us at