9 Recommendations for Startups Looking to Improve Visibility

Having a good visibility is important for business. Without it, a business can be pushed to a corner of isolation. It is not easy to create and maintain a good level of visibility when you don’t have a reasonable public relations game plan – a common challenge that many startups share. If you’re not happy with the level of visibility of your startup, here are some recommendations to address this…

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Pushing for greater visibility of tech startups

Having a good visibility can make impacts on business sales and it can also help entrepreneurs discover new opportunities. Visibility is important regardless if a business competes in a domestic market or on a global platform. As fundamental as the subject of visibility may seem or sound, it is not, however, something that is always well taken care of in many business situations. The reasons may vary. If you look…

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Seven considerations for startups planning a media launch in Malaysia

A media launch can be an effective way to help you spread the word about your startup product or service. Handling a media launch though, can be a difficult task especially if you lack experience in the field. So, here, I’d like to focus on seven considerations for startups planning a media launch:   1)         Think of the impacts you wish to have. One of the first things you might want…

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