Tapway Launches an Artificial Intelligence-based Vehicle Tracking Solution

Company targets to onboard 1700 cameras to monitor vehicles in the next two years

Petaling Jaya, Selangor – February  27, 2019
– Tapway, an emerging end-to-end tracking solutions provider today has launched VehicleTrack, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution that enables organizations to keep track of vehicles to gain a better understanding of their physical locations. Using data extracted from video cameras, VehicleTrack can provide reports on traffic flow, vehicle count, vehicle classifications, vehicle types, license plates, vehicle entry and exit patterns, and others.  The solution has many benefits including helping organizations improve security at their locations, manage car parks more efficiently, set priority access to vehicles of VIPs, monitor traffic, and other purposes depending on where the solution is deployed. VehicleTrack is now undergoing a pilot test at a shopping mall, a school, and a highway.

Lim Chee How, CEO of Tapway said, “Tapway’s expertise is in the development of tracking solutions. Since we started in 2014, we have been tracking people and their behavior. Now, we want to track vehicles, which is a natural next step for us after we identified the challenges faced by various organizations. We are very excited to introduce VehicleTrack to the market.”

VehicleTrack can be used at any organization including businesses in various industries that have a need to track vehicles. Currently, the key target customers for VehicleTrack are commercial buildings, shopping malls, public or private car parks, smart cities, gated communities, and highway operators.

“We live in an era in which data is crucial to business success. VehicleTrack makes data available to business owners so they can understand their consumers better. For example, when VehicleTrack is used to recognize car license plates at a shopping mall, it allows business owners to identify loyal customers based on the number of trips they make to the building,” Chee How explained.

Commenting on the License Plate Recognition (LPR) feature in VehicleTrack, Chee How stated, “Traditional LPR solutions have low accuracy due to factors such as license plate variability and non-standardization.  Tapway has come up with a deep learning LPR model that improves in accuracy over time and allows the system to be adopted in a wide range of situations. In addition to merely scanning license plates, Tapway has created a three-factor authentication system for enhanced security, by identifying the vehicle brand as well as color. You cannot cheat the system!”

He continued, “We have tested the system on highways to track license plates of vehicles moving at high speed at different angles and lighting conditions. For these, we were able to detect license plates with over 95 percent accuracy on vehicles traveling at 80 kilometers per hour and below.”

Aside from introducing VehicleTrack to the market, Tapway is also looking for e-wallet partners to create a seamless and secure contactless car park payment experience for customers, while reducing cash management and pain points for business owners.

VehicleTrack is currently available only to organizations in Malaysia.

VehicleTrack is offered as a solution that comes with an AI server and software subscription. Special-purpose cameras and other accessories may also be packaged together if needed by the customers.

About Tapway:

Tapway is an end-to-end tracking solutions provider for businesses to capture consumer behavior and location movements in physical premises. By leveraging on connected sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, businesses can now track the behavior of people, vehicles, and assets to improve customer experience, streamline business operations, and enhance the security of their premises. Tapway Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 2014 and is based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Visit us at


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