Headquartered in Ipoh-Perak, Radica Software develops electrical computer-aided-design (ECAD) software that’s marketed to users around the world. The Company identified a need to increase its visibility particularly in the key markets of North America.

For this, Hashim Communications was engaged for media relations assignments to help Radica promote its latest edition of Electra software as well as to launch the Company’s subscription pricing model.

During the first campaign, a press release was written as a main platform to communicate Radica’s Electra E7 and similarly, in the second campaign, HC created a press release specifically announcing the introduction of Radica’s subscription pricing to users worldwide.

These campaigns were able to garner interest from various trade media outlets from the U.S and Canada as well as from market research analysts, in addition to media in Radica’s home base in Malaysia. Briefings were held between Radica’s CEO Thomas Yip and members of the media and research analysts. Radica was featured in publications such as Automation.com, Cadalyst, Desktop EngineeringTenlinks and upfront.eZine. In Malaysia, Digital News Asia and Focus Malaysia were among the local media that were interested in Radica’s announcements.

Thomas Yip, CEO of Radica Software says:

“It has been a pleasure to work with Kam at Hashim Communications, and they have gone above and beyond what is expected of them and garnered us huge media interest to get our word out. Strongly recommended!”