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Piktochart Launches Next Generation Web-based Infographics Creator

The all-new Piktochart lets users create interactive infographics that are search engine friendly

Penang, Malaysia, January 30, 2013
– Piktochart, a fast emerging web-based infographic and presentation tools company today announced the global launch of the all-new Piktochart, a shift from the previous version platform, to allow users create interactive and engaging charts on a completely new and user-friendly dashboard of its free edition.

Through fresh and improved features, Piktochart customers can now insert hyperlinks into contents and add multiple clickable tabs to separate content viewing on infographics. In addition, the latest Piktochart also enables users to share infographics on social media networks and to embed them on websites.  Output or exports of infographics from the new Piktochart are search engine friendly and this can help customers strengthen their marketing strategy – a benefit that was previously not available via image-based infographic files.

Ai Ching Goh, CEO and co-founder of Piktochart said, “Our team is very excited with the release of the new Piktochart which aims to further improve user experience. Customers were interested in a way to allow readers to interact with data on infographics. So, we’ve introduced interactive functions in the new Piktochart — a boost to an emerging breed of infographics.”

From the first launch of Piktochart Pro edition in March 2012 until now, over 5,000 small businesses and educational institutions have subscribed to its paid plans while the overall user sign-ups of Piktochart surpassed 170,000.

CEO Ai Ching Goh further explained, “Since the inception of Piktochart, our aim has been to provide tools that are simple and intuitive for customers. The launch of the new Piktochart reiterates our commitment to helping users transform data into beautiful and memorable graphical presentations without expensive design software.”

Piktochart infographic and presentation tools employ simple drag-and-drop mechanism and are hosted on the cloud. The company has just received commercialization funding from Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd in September 2012 and is looking at making Piktochart mobile friendly to users in the near future.

About Piktochart

Founded in June 2011, Piktochart develops easy-to-use cloud-based infographic and presentation solution that enables users to transform data into meaningful infographics. Currently, over 170,000 users worldwide including students, non-profit organizations and small businesses benefit from Piktochart’s robust infographics editing features and more than 100 professional themes. Piktochart is headquartered in Penang, Malaysia. For more information, visit