Hiring a PR agency? Here are tips for preparing a brief

You are thinking of hiring a PR agency to support your product release campaign, to help you announce a successful merger or for other reasons. After looking around, you’ve narrowed down selections of PR agencies to just a few that you would like to approach for the work. Next, you would like to hear from these prospective agencies on how they can help you – a proposal. This is when…

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PR101: Editorial Calendars

If you want to get media exposure especially if you are unknown to reporters and journalists, here’s an advice - be proactive! Finding editorial opportunities can be tough but editorial calendars can help (to a certain extent). So, in a spirit of sharing my knowledge, I have created the following video specifically on editorial calendars. One of the advantages of using editorial calendars is that there is a potential of…

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Welcoming the New Year

2016 is about to leave us. I congratulate you for your success in achieving your PR goals and objectives. Perhaps there were some setbacks along the way and that’s OK. In moving on into a new chapter of your PR, don’t forget to make efforts to pick up at least a couple of lessons from this year. You can do this by keeping a close check on all of your…

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What is a press kit?

If you are interested in engaging in media relations, say, for a new product launch campaign or others, you might want to prepare a press kit. Here’s a video that explains what key information to put in your press kit. The duration of this video is 2:24. All the best! -kam ###

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