Echelon Top100 (2019) is now accepting applications

Interested in expanding your startup business at a regional level? If you are, have a look at e27’s Echelon Top100 program. Echelon Top100 started way back in 2011 and it has, according to a description on the program’s website, “evolved from a startup pitching competition to a regional startup program that provides you with opportunities and features to elevate your startup and get you in front of the right audience.”…

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Hiring a PR agency? Here are tips for preparing a brief

You are thinking of hiring a PR agency to support your product release campaign, to help you announce a successful merger or for other reasons. After looking around, you’ve narrowed down selections of PR agencies to just a few that you would like to approach for the work. Next, you would like to hear from these prospective agencies on how they can help you – a proposal. This is when…

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