Seven considerations for startups planning a media launch in Malaysia

A media launch can be an effective way to help you spread the word about your startup product or service. Handling a media launch though, can be a difficult task especially if you lack experience in the field. So, here, I’d like to focus on seven considerations for startups planning a media launch:   1)         Think of the impacts you wish to have. One of the first things you might want…

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Thinking of a media launch in Malaysia? Here’s a list to get you started

Malaysian media industry is pretty diverse where multiple languages including Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese and Tamil are spoken in the country of over 28 million of people. The industry is also backed by a strong digital media presence, thanks to more than 60 percent of broadband Internet penetration at the national level. Keep in mind too that print newspapers still exist. Meanwhile, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…

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Six Important Things Startup Entrepreneurs Should Know about PR

Public relations (PR) helps businesses that are concerned about fostering a positive image and promoting mutual understandings between the organizations and people who matter. Here I am highlighting six important things startup entrepreneurs should know about PR: 1.            PR is more than just about media relations Media relations is important but it is not the only work of PR that a startup can employ and media pitching is not the…

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