Getting ready for Q2 2019

It's March 28th and we are getting closer to the second quarter of 2019 already. Perhaps it's a good time to start thinking about having another round of media outreach campaign? If you want to keep a good momentum of media publicity for your business, I've highlighted an idea you might like to try in this video. By the way, this is doesn't mean you should stop pitching other types…

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Hiring a PR agency? Here are tips for preparing a brief

You are thinking of hiring a PR agency to support your product release campaign, to help you announce a successful merger or for other reasons. After looking around, you’ve narrowed down selections of PR agencies to just a few that you would like to approach for the work. Next, you would like to hear from these prospective agencies on how they can help you – a proposal. This is when…

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Welcoming the New Year

2016 is about to leave us. I congratulate you for your success in achieving your PR goals and objectives. Perhaps there were some setbacks along the way and that’s OK. In moving on into a new chapter of your PR, don’t forget to make efforts to pick up at least a couple of lessons from this year. You can do this by keeping a close check on all of your…

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