Want to increase media coverage? Put a spotlight on your NEWS

Media coverage can help boost visibility. If your startup has little media coverage and if you wish to change that, adding a variety to your media pitching efforts could help. Instead of solely aiming at just one type of editorial content, say, feature articles, look at other elements within your reach that you can pitch to the media. In this post, I would like to point you to NEWS.

So, for startup entrepreneurs, here’s an idea to help you increase media coverage: If you haven’t already, start thinking about news items that you can pitch to the media. Identify possible news items that are not just interesting but significant as well.

Take a close look at stories in the media at large and you’d find that a lot of the content is based on or about news. This tells us that the media are interested in news and it’s what readers like to know too.

News coverage could help create awareness about your startup among your stakeholders and this could promote a positive image – something that would be difficult to achieve without information.

Having editorial coverage where your story is told by the media can add credibility to your message and this is different than what an advertisement can deliver.

You could plan for your news to be pitched to multiple publications or media and this essentially could potentially help you gain multiple media coverage. Imagine the amount of visibility you would get if your news will get multiple exposure.

Then, for those of you who are concerned about keeping a good momentum of media coverage throughout a year, you could look into consistently pitch news, perhaps several times a year, to the media – a practice that could result in even greater visibility.

Regardless of the size of your startup or the industry you are in, as a business, you have milestones and those would be a good place to start looking for a news idea. However, you shouldn’t limit your news to just about your products. So, explore different ideas as shown in the following Diagram 1:

There are different types of media coverage such as feature articles, news, editorial mentions, contributed articles and opinion pieces. Focusing on just one type of media coverage would eventually limit your visibility.

Make time to research each media that you are interested in so you could identify the types of editorial opportunities for your startup including news.

Add colors to your storytelling canvas by sharing your news bits with the media. It could also be time to put a spotlight on your news.

All the best!

By Kam Hashim

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